Sensory Bottles for Kids that Glow in the Dark

Today our family had a fun time creating sensory bottles that glow in the dark. These bottles are fun and colorful, sure to holds your child’s attention. They were very simple to make and perfect for daytime and night time fun.

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What you need:

Jelly Beadz Ounces, About 20,000 Large Marble Size JellyBeadZ Water Bead Gel, For Stress Balls, Bright Rainbow Mix (using the entire bag is not recommend. We used a small amount and had more than required for this project)

2 Empty water bottles

Glow sticks25 Lumistick 6″ Premium 15mm Industrial Grade Glowsticks – Assorted Colors

Super glue

The jelly beadz need to soak in water for 6-8 hours. We soaked our beadz in a large container overnight. So, they were ready to go when we woke up.

Bend, snap, and shake your glow sticks to activate them. Place 1-3 glow sticks in the empty plastic bottle.

Fill each bottle with jelly beadz surrounding the glow sticks. Fill with the beadz until you’ve reached the top of the bottle.

Super glue the cap onto the bottle. We are gluing the bottle cap for safety, we don’t want our kids to have access to the beadz. If your kids are anything like mine than the beadz would go straight to their mouths. We don’t want that!

Take your bottle to a dark room and watch it glow. Your kids will enjoy their bottle and they can use them as a nightlight

This bottle held my little one’s attention for quite a while. He shakes it, spins it, and pushes on the side of the bottle to try to get the beads.

These bottles are a huge hit with my toddler as well. He is fascinated by all the beadz. Now that the bottles glow, he is amazed.

This project is fun and easy! The jelly beadz that we used are non-toxic. You can also add small toys or glitter to your bottles to create more of an effect. We kept ours simple, because simple is always best. Enjoy your Sensory Bottles!!


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