If I Only Knew Then, A Letter to My Father

Words can’t express how much I miss you dearly. As a young girl, you were always my hero. I looked up to you then just as much as I look up to you now. I know you’re in Heaven watching over your family and friends. However, I wish you weren’t taken away from us so soon. You were young and had a lot of living left to do.

You had two young girls that needed you dearly, and a loving wife whom be lost without you. God needed you too and must have known that you taught us well and we would soon all be ok. Since you’ve been gone, I have a lot to share with you, both good and bad. When you passed I turned away, the pain was too great to bare. I ran as far as I could and didn’t look back. I have a lot of regrets as well. I’m sorry I didn’t know you were sick. You were so strong and never let your pain go noticed. Your body was strong but your heart was not.

You were always the family rock, you held us together and kept us in line. As we must carry on, we’re all just dealing with your loss the best we know how. We haven’t always made the best choices, but don’t get discouraged. You’ve instilled strong family values within us, and taught us right from wrong. Even if we may stray from the path provided, we always find our way back at some point.I wish you were here with me now because I have two little boys that I would love to introduce to you. Your grandsons would be greatly honored to know you. As a parent, I now know the life lessons that you were trying to teach me. At the time, I was young and didn’t care. I’ve grown up a lot since then. I would love to tell you, thank you! I remember your lessons everyday as I’m teaching them to my children. As I hope one day they will realize that it’s only for the best. Everything I do, I’m doing it for them.

I will raise these boys just as you raised me with respect and love. I will tell them all about you and show your picture often. One day, you will get to meet them, but until then please watch over them and protect them. As you’re watching down from Heaven please know that all is well here. I’ve been blessed that you taught me how to be strong and how to carry on. I can’t wait to see you with hopes that our family will all be together once again. Until then always remember that I love you. Thanks for being the father that taught me well, loved me unconditionally, protected me, and gave me that shoulder to cry on. You Daddy, will always be missed.




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