5 Educational YouTube Channels, That Are Perfect for Toddlers

We’re living in the age of technology with phones, kindles, tablets, and computers. My husband and I are huge fans of the internet and it saddens me that my kids are following in these footsteps so young. As parents, most will usually grab a device for the kiddos to take along to watch. I normally try not to do this because I want my kids to focus on their surroundings and make their own entertainment. However, when my family spends the day at home, I will let my children watch television when I need to clean or get some chores doneMy kids ages are 1 & 2 and they would rather watch YouTube videos over Disney classics. This of course was pretty heartbreaking for me at first. When they were born I started a collection of Disney VHS tapes. However, they just refuse to watch them. They choose to watch their favorite shows on YouTube. After watching these selected videos time and time again, they are mommy approved. My toddler has learned so much from these videos such as, counting, singing songs, his ABC’s, and also his shapes. I’m incredibly impressed with how much he has learned all together from these videos. I do limit my children’s screen time because I want them to play instead. However, when they ‘re watching television, if these are the shows they pick than that’s ok with me.

My children’s favorite YouTube Channels:

The Mother Goose Club is a group of young adults that dress up as Mother Goose characters from the famous Mother Goose nursery rhymes. These young adults sing and dance to teach your children about the mother goose nursery classics. This channel also incorporates cartoons into the videos.

Bob The Train is an 3D animated, colorful train that sings educational songs. He sings about shapes, colors, counting, and the alphabet. Every video is a fun exciting adventure.

Busy Beavers teaches children through bright and colorful videos. They are fun melodies that teach about colors, shapes, counting, the alphabet and more. My children love to sing and dance with the beavers.

Blippi teaches children about numbers, the alphabet, shapes, and colors with fun educational videos. His videos are based on real life adventures about topics that hold my children’s interest. His videos also have cartoons incorporated. I have to admit that I really enjoy watching Blippi as well.

Little BabyBum are 3D nursery Rhyme videos. Every video is fun and colorful. They teach my children while they sing and dance.

Now remind you, I’ve watched each and every video from all 5 of these channels. They’re age appropriate for preschoolers and young children. Each video is very educational and makes learning fun and exciting. I’m used to the older cartoons, but with shows in high definition now a days, I can understand my children’s decision. I hope you and your children enjoy them as much as we do.


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