What Everyone Must Know About Personalized Books with I See Me!

At my baby shower, my Mother- in- Law requested that people bring new or used books to add to my baby’s library. After receiving several books, I made it a priority to start reading to my son as soon as he was born. Still to this day we try to make time to read every afternoon. My son loves looking at the pictures. I often find him sitting in his room just looking at books in fascination.

Disclosure: I received a free item in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks!

When I saw that I See Me creates personalized books, I knew this was perfect for my son. Shortly after receiving our book in the mail, I sat down with my son as we started to read “Logan’s U.S.A. Road Trip.” As soon as my son seen his face on the book, he said “Oh Wow, Logan!” I actually started to tear up as I watched his excitement. Every page is personalized to fit him; such as his name on the license plate of the car and his picture on the little boy that’s traveling the U.S.A. I couldn’t believe how detailed every page is. To my Surprise, I See Me even dedicated a page to teach my son about the state that he lives in. This was completely unexpected but I found to be truly amazing.

My U.S.A Road Trip Personalized Storybook teaches your children the factual geographic exploration of the United States. It’s a fun and exciting as they can see themselves traveling across the U.S.A. The story is perfect for children as it teaches them about all 50 states. In the back of the book they’ve included a map of the United States, and a list of all 50 states along with their capitals.

This book is now our absolute favorite. I see us reading this one time and time again. I also want to purchase one of the other titles that I See Me offers, for my youngest son. Not only do they specialize in personalized books but they personalize Lunchboxes, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Placemats, Stickers and Growth Charts. They really do offer something for everyone for any occasion.

Please feel free to check out their website I See Me.

You can also find them on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+,  and YouTube. They also offer Email Promos/Discounts and Updates.



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