Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow, Guest Post

Summer is in full swing and with that comes long days, warm nights, sunscreen and afternoons at the pool, slices of watermelon and more. Whatever summer means to you, there are a lot of hours in the day to fill! It can be a challenge to keep little ones occupied while making sure that they’re still deriving some benefit from their activities. The infographic from  below gives some ideas so your little ones are having fun while learning, and so you can (maybe) have a bit of a break!

Summer is here! With school out and the temperatures rising, no doubt your kids are excited to play. But beyond the summer camps, sleepovers, bike rides, and water balloon fights, stealthy parents know how to encourage activities that can actually help kids grow and learn!
Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean workbooks or summer homework. We’ve got three fun summer activities in mind that kids will be excited to participate in, and ones that will build confidence at the same time.

First up? Music lessons! If your son or daughter loves to sing along to songs when you turn on the radio, music lessons are a natural fit. And there are so many different lesson types to consider, from piano to guitar to saxophone.

For the more introverted or bookworm types, learning a language — like Spanish or French — might be a great choice. Of course, your child won’t become fluent over the course of one summer… but it can be a fun introduction to new cultures! Plus, it’s easy to find fun games and apps that support language learning.

Finally, if your child can’t stop moving, sports like soccer and softball are a great way to keep him or her busy. They’ll never know they’re actually improving their teamwork and goal-setting skills!

Here’s a recap of all the surprising stats you need to know about these fun summer activities for kids.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow, Guest Post

  1. These are all really great ideas! My children personally like to do summer workbooks to give them a head start on their upcoming grade! Great statistics!


  2. These are wonderful options for kids. Continuing to learn and grow during the summer really helps them in the long run and keeps them busy for you!


  3. I really like the idea of keeping the kiddos active. I come from the generations where kids spent the summers entirely outside and doing activities. Great ideas!


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