4 Incredibly Useful Mom Tips, For the Mom with Young Children 

When you’re a parent, time tends to slip through your fingertips. Within a blink of your eye, your babies are walking around and starting to wander.

When I first started this blog almost a year ago, I was a mother of two under two. Now my oldest is 2-1/2 and my youngest is 16 months. With both boys still being fairly young, let’s just say I’ve learned a few tricks. I’m sure anything to help your day run a little more smoothly is always appreciated advice. These 4 tips have helped our days run smoothly and also saved me from losing my hair. If you have small children within your household than I know you’ll be able to appreciate these tips as well.

Stock Up! Stock up on sippy cups and binkies! Seriously you can’t have too many. Hell, hath no fury like a baby at bedtime and the binky is lost. We’ve spend many nights tossing furniture and dumping toy bins just to find the missing binky. Always make sure you have backups because they tend to tear also.

Having a supply of sippy cups is also important if you have young children in the household. As perfect as the cup may be, they all tend to leak overtime. At least with my experience and we’ve tried tons of different brands and designs. I’m sure cleaning up spills all day is not on your list of things to do, so always have spare cups. They tend to magically disappear as well. Still pondering on how this one happens.

Cover your furniture with blankets. Like I mentioned above, sippy cups tend to leak. My children carry their cups with them throughout our house. Sometimes you can’t catch the leak on time until you see the spill. Also, stuff gets spilled and accidents happen, even those that are not beverage related. After washing my couch cushions time and time again, I finally wised up and covered them. It’s much easier to wash a blanket than it is to dress and redress your furniture cushions. It also saves your furniture from stuck on stains and normal wear and tear.

Have a go-to plan. Some days my children act a little crazy. Ok, a lot crazy! It’s like they ate my entire sugar bowl and then some. My go to plan is a children’s nursery rhyme show. It’s their absolute favorite show to watch, so I save it on the special occasions when I need a break. They quickly sit down and chill out as they enjoy their show. It also gives mom a few moments to recoup and start fresh.

Plastic bins are a must have. You always have visitors who stop by unannounced. The quickest way to clean your toy-covered house, is by placing all the toys in bins. Once you’re ready for playtime, just open the bin. Of course, I would love to have all the toys displayed nicely on shelves, but let’s get real. My toddlers tried to climb the shelves, so they had to go. They also have to have every toy in the house at once while their playing. Plastic bins have truly saved my sanity.

Now that you’ve read my 4 useful tips for moms with young children, let’s hear yours! I’m all about taking advice as much as I tend to share it. Let’s face it, we can never have to many useful tips. 



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