Toddler’s Fall Fun Check Off List 


As much as it saddens me, summer is almost over. As I sit here tonight, on my couch with a blanket over my lap it finally dawned upon me that fall is right around the corner. My family has really enjoyed summer this year, from backyard adventures to weekly park visits. My children are all about the outdoors so we try to spend as much time as we can with them outside. However, I’m really excited for fall because it’s my favorite season of the year. Pumpkin everything, yes please!! 

Our family activities always involve our children. So, my husband and I are always doing activities for them. Very rarely do we participate in adult activities these days, but hey we are ok with that. In fact, we probably enjoy the children’s activities a little more. 

With that being said I was sitting here thinking ahead on what activities we could do with our toddlers this fall. Seeing that we won’t be able to enjoy all our water fun and sun play. So, I came up with a Toddlers Fall Fun Check Off List. Please feel free to print this out and enjoy it with your family as well.

Our plan is to do all of these activities with our children before the end of fall. If you have other Fall fun ideas than I would love to hear about them as well. Please do share. Our list includes: Eat a candy apple, visit a pumpkin patch, eat candy corn, play in a pile of leaves, decorate a pumpkin, create fall crafts, drink apple cider, pick out your own costume, go on a nature walk and collect different colored leaves, and read a book about fall. We should have no problem completing this list as each activity should be fun for the whole family.

Fall is always my favorite season because you can still enjoy the outdoors before being cooped up all winter. The weather is great, and the colors are beautiful. So, make the best of this season as it doesn’t last long. 


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