My Motherhood Skills Were Tested and I Thought I Had Failed

I must admit that last week was by far the most trying week of my parenting adventure. My motherhood skills were put to the test and I truly felt like I had failed myself and my children.

If you’ve been following my blog than you know that my two boys are 16 months apart. My oldest whom is 2-1/2 years old, is going through a complicated phase. One day he’ll wake up and act like a young little man. He’s ready to learn, he acts responsible, and is on his best behavior. Then like a flip of a switch he throws a tantrum, runs around like a madman, and starts testing his boundaries over and over again.

My youngest whom is now 16 months is now trying to climb everything. The second I turn around he will climb up on the kitchen table faster than a spider monkey. The second I put him down, he’s taking off running to climb on the couch. Of course, he’s teething as well so he has mood swings galore.

Trying to keep balance within the two and maintain my sanity has been a huge struggle all in itself. The biggest struggle I’ve experienced in motherhood so far. The boys have really put this mom to the test. There were times during the week that I literally wanted to lock myself into the closet and hide. Moms little tricks that calm the room and turn bad behavior into good was no longer working. Distractions always seemed to work well with both of my children, well not this week. I felt like I had done everything I could and just couldn’t calm them down. While one was screaming the other was trying to tear up the house. As I would get one child calm, the other would throw a fit. I felt like there was not one moment of peace and I wanted to scream.

On the third day of absolute chaos, I felt like I had failed. My exhaustion was taking control and my positive mindset was starting to fade. I failed my children because I couldn’t control the situation. I also failed myself because I had let their behavior get to me. Feeling weak, fed up, and exhausted I sat down and prayed. After sitting on my kitchen floor lost in hope, I knew I needed help. So, I made a call to my mother in law.

Within the hour she was knocking on my front door to the rescue. At the time, I was ashamed to ask for help with my kids. I brought them into this world and I should be able to handle and take care of them. However, after looking back on the situation, I handled it quite nicely. I asked for help. That was the best solution for our time of need. After her visit, everyone seemed at ease. Grandmas really can fix everything can’t they?

Grandmas really can fix everything can’t they?

I’m not ashamed at all now. As mothers, we do this day in and day out. We very rarely get quiet time and sometimes we don’t get ten minutes to ourselves at all. At least with little ones it’s hard. If I wouldn’t have put my pride aside than the situation would have continued on. So, parents please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Nobody’s perfect and we all need help from time to time. Unless you can be available 24/7 for 18 years straight then at some point you’ll need help, and that’s ok! Don’t be ashamed or scared because you’re not alone. Even if it’s just for an hour to clear your mind and refocus. 


6 thoughts on “My Motherhood Skills Were Tested and I Thought I Had Failed

  1. Your a wonderful mother. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Thise boys are lucky to have the parents they do. This is just a bump in the road that will be gone in no time. I love you all 😗


  2. You are doing good girl those boys are lucky to have such a amazing momma and daddy. They lobe you and are very well behaved and I wouldn’t ever be ashamed to ask for help I want to all the time so your doing awesome.


  3. Just look ahead a little. In 5 short years, they will both be in school, And they will be best friends. It is just that the terrible twos X 2 are hard to get through. But believe me you will make it. You are a good mom. I not only had 2 under 2, I had 3 under 3.


    1. Thanks Harlean! It sure helps on our tough days when they can go outside and play. This week I posted about was a rainy one, lol. We will definitely make it through, I just hope my hair does too lol.


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