Don’t Just Sit There. Find Your Daily Motivation Today!

With everything that’s going on in the world, I thought it would be the perfect time to write about, finding our motivation. As life keeps surprising us all, sometimes it’s a struggle to find our get up and go. After watching the news and following with what’s going on around us, the last thing I want to do is scrub down the bathroom or fold the laundry. However, this is my life and the chores must be done. I’m just having a hard time when it comes to finding my motivation. No matter your current situation, whether it’s finding a secure place to lay your head at night; all the way down to chores or work, then we must find our motivation to do so. Every situation and every family is different but we all can relate to this topic no matter the circumstances. 

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I thought I would come up with a list to help explore the ways to find your daily motivation. Whether you use this information today or a year from today, at some point you may need help in this area. That’s ok, because I do too!

First off, the daily routine bores the heck out of me. It’s good for moral and assuring that stuff gets done but it’s boring. I have to include new and fun ideas every now and then or I won’t be motivated at all to get things done. 

Start a project. Projects excite me, whether it’s a new coat of paint or organizing a room. The feel of something new gets me motivated for a fresh new look and I actually look forward to completing the project.

Get a hobby. Everyone needs a hobby. I don’t care who you are, everyone needs a go to place and a hobby is the perfect way to get there. Mine is blogging and crafting. Some ideas that you may look into is reading, crafts, blogging, games,a television sitcom, gardening, music, art, working out, or baking. You can also coloring in an adult coloring book.

Cook a gourmet meal. I’m plain Jane when it comes to cooking. I don’t look forward to prepping meals at all. That is until I find a new recipe that I know my whole family will enjoy. Then I actually get excited about cooking. I feel motivated! 

Self-care. I now you’ve heard about self-care time and time again. Seriously though, after a day at the spa or beauty salon, don’t you feel motivated to show off your new look?

Work out. I will be the first to admit that I hate working out. However, I love to take my children on walks. After a nice stroll around the neighborhood, I feel motivated and my body feels good. 

Change your scenery. Sometimes looking at the same scenery can easily assist in your lack of motivation.  If this is the case than change it! Whether you take a family day at the lake or you decide to redecorate a room, you have many options. The best thing you can do is take advantage of holidays. You can redecorate for each holiday and it will assist in scenery change. If you’re not one to decorate than take advantage of the outdoors. The holidays tend to change the surroundings of the outdoors as well. 

Listen to music. There is one thing that has never let me down and that’s music. When I’m feeling unmotivated, I have my go to music list. I will crank up my tunes and suddenly feel my mood change from energy and fully motivated. Find the right music that works for you. 

We all have days that we don’t want to do anything, Trust me! When it comes to the point that it’s becoming an everyday thing than you may want to check out other options. I hope that you  find something on this list to assist you. However, if that’s not the case than please talk to your doctor.

These 7 tips have helped me and my family and I hope that they may assist you as well. Now I’d love to hear, what gets you pumped? How do you find your daily motivation when your get up and go has got up and left?


14 thoughts on “Don’t Just Sit There. Find Your Daily Motivation Today!

  1. These are some great tips! I always get a bit depressed in the fall when it becomes darker. I think it’s important to schedule these things, schedule your workout when you should spend time on your hobby, and make a lot of plans with friends. It’s important to have things to look forward to!


    1. Yes, you are so right! I start getting depressed towards the end of fall when I don’t get out as much. It’s very important to have things to look forward too, I do agree. Thanks Alice.


  2. This is great! I definitely need to work on self care. I like the tip of starting a hobby. I have been thinking of starting something new lately … I think it is time. Thanks for sharing!


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