How Stay-at-Home Mompreneurs Can Manage All Their Projects, Guest Post

Mompreneurs are some of the more inspiring people on the planet. These lovely women, who somehow manage to both care for their children and have successful businesses, are the heroes of today, and their power and cleverness are truly inspiring. Finding a good balance between work and parenthood is not an easy task at all, but if you’re looking make your dreams come true, we’ve got a few tips for you. Want to be both a great mom and a great businesswoman? Then read on.

Pour your passion into it

There’s this widely spread idea that when a woman becomes a mom, she loses all other aspects of her personality and just focuses on nothing else but her children for the rest of her life. Shockingly enough, this doesn’t happen at all. You still have your hopes and dreams, and it’s very likely that motherhood only made you into an even more passionate person. Use that passion and transfer it to business. Take all your love, and pour it into your ideas. Your family can only benefit from this fire of yours.

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Make sure your children have your drive

For you to both have a business of your own and to take care of your kids every day, you must be an incredible, driven person. Your kids will be proud to call you their mom, so help them earn those amazing skills that you have and invest time in their education. Luckily, your business sense and wit will likely help them get into college as well, especially considering that most colleges are pretty expensive. You’ll be able to provide for them more easily and help them study what they like without them getting stuck with crippling student loan debts later on. Nurture curiosity in your child, especially if they’re ambitious and will have to take CAT or tests like GAMSAT to get into med school. Get them a good tutor to help out and they can come very far.

Don’t listen to toxic people

These aren’t the sixties. You don’t have to give up your career to be a good mom, and anyone who claims you’re failing your family by developing a business shouldn’t be in your life. If men aren’t expected to give up their jobs to take care of the kids, you shouldn’t be either. You’re a good mom. Your business isn’t harming your family.

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Learn about skill transferability

Did you think that those skills you’ve learned as a mom can only be used in raising kids? Heck no! The multitasking, the organization, the tidiness – all of these are excellent business skills. Learning how to use a firm voice with your kid, learning how to explain basic things, and always being ready for everything is pretty priceless in business. It’s called skill transferability, and it’s only going to be a huge benefit to your career.

Be curious

To become really good at something, you have to be interested in it. Whatever it is that you chose to do, read about it every day, watch YouTube tutorials, see if you can find free courses and practice. Explore every aspect of the business and as the time goes by, and keep learning new things to stay at the top of the game.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself

An occasional spa day, or some other form of alone time can help you rest and recharge your batteries. The stress can become too much, and you really need an outlet for it because the constant work will end up driving you insane otherwise. Your mental and physical health is still important, and you should never put that on hold.

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Rely on family

You’re not alone in this, and anyone who loves you will want to support you. Rely on your partner, on your parents and siblings, on your friends, and even on your children. If your kids start feeling lonely because you’re working a lot, find a way to involve them and talk to them about what you do. Families function the best when everyone communicates and relies on each other and the work is equally divided by all.

Be patient and persistent

If you’ve just started your business, you should be aware that it takes time for it to develop. Just take it easy, have patience and don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. If you’re passionate about it, and keep improving, it will come to you.

Every mom is different and every story is different, but these tips are pretty universal. We hope our advice helps you out and inspires you to stay awesome and accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted.

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Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor at 

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13 thoughts on “How Stay-at-Home Mompreneurs Can Manage All Their Projects, Guest Post

  1. Absolutely love this. Skill transferability is a very great point, nothing goes to waste as you learn being a mum. Taking time for ones self is also very very imporrtant, you need to be in the right frame of mind as well to be able to do any of these things.


  2. These are some great tips! I totally agree with not listening to critics/skeptics/haters. If someone isn’t working from home with kids, it’s hard for them to imagine how it’s done. But it absolutely can be done successfully!


  3. Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and support.
    Glad these pieces of advice resonated with you.

    Stay positive,
    Claire Adams


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