5 Ways on How to Have a Frugal Family Friendly Fall

The kids are back to school, the leaves are beginning to change and the air is getting colder. It’s time to put away the flip-flops and tank tops and get out the comfy sweaters and boots- Fall is here!

As you’re getting into the swing of your busy schedule filled with homework and extracurricular activities, don’t forget to save time for family fun. Here are 5 family activities that are not only fun but frugal too (so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank)!

1. Apple/ Pumpkin Picking
Heading to your local orchard or pumpkin patch has become a favorite fall activity for families. Enjoying a full day of crisp air, candy apples and maybe even a corn maze are great ways to let the kids enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold! You can also use the apples and pumpkins to decorate and bake some yummy desserts.

2. Hiking
There are many local hiking spots that are beautiful this time of year with the changing foliage. Take your family on an adventure and when it’s time to rest, have a family picnic filled with your favorite fall-inspired foods. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Photo Credit: Freestock.org (Splasher)
3. Crafting
Make a scavenger hunt with a few different objects and have them go outside and collect them to make their own art project. The best part is hanging it on the fridge for everyone to see!

4. Movie Night
As it gets colder snuggle up under some blankets and choose a fun Halloween movie to watch as a family. Make some popcorn, drink apple cider and start thinking of a fun costume for trick or treating!

5. Outdoor Fun
Get the family together and have a big game of football! Nothing is better than spending time with your family and friends and football season is the perfect time to get everyone in the sports mood. It’s a great teaching moment for your kids and you can use candy as the reward for winning!

All of these activities are easy to plan and are very budget- friendly. If you’re looking for a bigger fall family fun activity like a weekend camping trip, there are financial companies like Earnest that provide personal loans and can help you budget while still encouraging you to be savvy with your spending. This way you still have enough for smaller activities throughout the season!
Feel free to share your own favorite frugal fall activities below!

About The Author:

Jamie Wharton

Jamie Wharton is a Social Media Strategist for Earnest. She has a passion for educating others on saving money. Her main goal is to help reduce the costs and barriers faced by millions of financially responsible people every day, so they can live without worry. In her free time, you can find Jamie at her favorite coffee spot or going out to eat with friends.


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