Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

Along with Motherhood comes many great joys. One of the joys I cherish is my toddlers’ passion to learn. Every day is an amazing journey with his will to learn. Logan is 2 years old, so my husband and I are always searching for ways to make learning fun for him. When we first heard about ABCmouse, we knew it would be a perfect fit for our son.

Disclosure: I received a free subscription to ABCmouse in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks!

What is ABCmouse?

“ABCmouse is the leading and most comprehensive digital early learning resource for children ages 2–8. This program has over 8,500 standards- based learning activities and 850+ lessons across 10 levels.”- ABCmouse

Learning with ABCmouse

Logan started ABCmouse with their Toddler Time program. Toddler Time is designed for children ages 18 to 36 months whom are quite ready to do the full program independently. We first began ABCmouse on our desktop computer. The program helped my toddler learn how to control the mouse and navigate within the site. I was very proud because he hasn’t learned how to control the mouse before we started. We also use the app on my phone as well when we are away from our home.

Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

ABCmouse is teaching my child about colors, numbers 1-5, the alphabet, and things around him with fun filled activities that he really enjoys! My personal favorite is the video that teaches children how to dress themselves because that’s what we’re practicing daily in our household. Therefore, we can really relate to the activities and videos within ABCmouse.

ABCmouse is a perfect fit for my child because he’s having fun while he’s learning. With the step by step learning path provided, he’s easily guided throughout the level. The best part is that he is being rewarded along the way with their reward system. His face lights up every time he wins tickets and gets a prize. Discovering and learning together is a great opportunity to bond with my child. My son and I really enjoy our time spent together in his learning process.

Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

Each lesson is specially designed for his age range, while holding his attention and peeking his interest. Two of his favorite activities within the program are his pet hamster and his aquarium. He can feed and care for the them, which really excites him. We also personalized the aviator to look just like him. He gets so excited to see his look alike on the screen. He says, “Look Mommy, its Logan.”

Photo Credit: ABCmouse.com

Within the first few hours of using this program, my toddler learned a lot! He was putting puzzles together by himself, and coloring on his own. I can also track his progress along the way. Parents can view how-to videos, their child’s curriculum overview, and assessments. There’s also print outs and educational music videos available for download. ABCmouse also sends out emails that I find very helpful.

Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!


Overall ABCmouse has been a great experience for both my child and I. Logan is having fun learning and interacting with this program. I’m enjoying the bonding experience while being able to participate with him in this learning experience. I highly recommend ABCmouse because it’s a program that really makes learning fun and exciting. I know we will be using this program for the next several years. I also plan to start my youngest on ABCmouse when he becomes of age as well. Click Here to get your children started with ABCmouse today!Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

If your child is currently enrolled with ABCmouse than we want to hear about it! Please tell us in the comments your thoughts and opinions. If your child’s currently not enrolled than please share with us any questions or concerns.


12 thoughts on “Take the Stress Out of Learning with ABCmouse!

  1. I homeschool so this sounds like an invaluable resource for time when I’m focusing on other children. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is awesome! I’ll definitely consider it for my daughter as she is now able to learn this way. She will definitely love it too!


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