Celebrating in Style with J&J Holiday Collection 

Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? They’re filled with fun celebrations and special moments cherished together by family and friends. This year you and your children can celebrate in style with Janie and Jacks recently released, J&J Holiday Collection. The line is inspired by the mother and child’s special memories during the holiday season. Capture your special moments dressed in this beautiful collection while your cherishing every memory in the making with your child.

Celebrating in Style with J&J Holiday Collection
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates links and I will be compensated if you happen to make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was also compensated for this post however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks!

The J&J Holiday Collection is a modern twist placed on timeless classics. They’re bringing you plush accents and classic red hues that’s perfect for every celebration. This collection is filled with printed skirts and polished shift dresses for woman, sizes 0-16. Two of my absolute favorites are the Plaid Shift Dress, and the Falling Rose Tie Dress. I normally don’t wear that many dresses, but I would defiantly add these to my closet to wear this year.

Janie and Jack Reveals New Holiday Collection Inspired By Special Seasonal Celebrations

The collection is also filled with blazers, embroidered sweaters, pants, and tartan dresses for the children. The children clothing is for boys and girls from size 0-12 years old. You can style the clothing pieces as an elegant outfit, or style them as separates. I’m in love with the Shawl Collar Sweater and the Ginham Poplin Shirt for my boys. These shirts are absolutely adorable. The girl’s clothes are undeniably beautiful too!

The woman’s clothing in this collection range from $26 to $169. Meanwhile the children clothing ranges from $7 to $129. There really is a perfect masterpiece for everyone.Shop Janie and Jack today!

Janie and Jack released this video entitled “Me and Mommy” featuring Daphne Oz in honor of the collection. Check out these sweet moments shared by these mothers and their children and find out which ones are their favorites.

Now that your well on your way to celebrating in style just remember one thing. Whether your attending a family celebration or gathering at home, treasure each and every moment. As the holidays will quickly pass, and the children grow too fast. Holidays shouldn’t be about the gifts and the extra added stress but the moments. The moments of joy, laughter, and family togetherness.

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting this collection, please do tell which pieces are your favorite?


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