A Goodnight’s Sleep With Nights Knights & Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago we put our children to bed as we always do, tucked them in, said our prayers and headed to bed ourselves. Not more than ten minutes had passed and my toddler came into our room holding his pillow asking to sleep with us. I asked him, “Why don’t you want to sleep in your own bed?” His response was that he was scared of monsters. Wanting him to feel protected, I instantly explained that there were no monsters and let him climb into bed with us.

A Goodnight's Sleep With Nights Knights & Giveaway!Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for my honest review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks!

I’m so happy that we found the Night Knights. They’re not only fun toys to play with but they help my toddler to now feel protected in his own room during the night. Sir and Lady Sleep-A-Lot were sent on a mission to keep watch over your child’s room as they sleep. They assist in helping your child feel protected throughout the night. A Goodnight's Sleep With Nights Knights & Giveaway!Included with the Knights is a book. The book tells the story on how Sir and Lady Sleep-A-Lot came to protect and serve each child. The story made my child feel special and he knows that the Night Knights are there to protect him specifically. We really enjoyed the story as it also has a special way for my child to dub thee his very own Sir and Lady Sleep-A-Lot.

Photo Credit: Nights Knights

As the story explains The Night Knights are also a fun way to explore imagination play. We pretend the Knights are up walking around, guarding his room throughout the night. When my child awakens, he sometimes finds the Knights in different places. Sometimes the knights aren’t up playing, they’re just cuddling with him in his bed.

Photo Credit: Nights Knights

I’m now rest assured that my child feels safe in his own room. He hasn’t made any special trips to our room complaining of those pesky monsters. We have two special Knights to thank for that!

To find more about the Night Knights please visit Nights Knights Campaign and see how you can order yours today! This campaign is only for approximately 40 days, also with this limited price. So don’t miss out, because it could be a long time before the Night Knights are available anywhere else.

Be sure to enter our giveaway, as one set of Night Knights will be given to serve and protect someone special. Please be sure to check out their social media as well, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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