How to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays!

Can you use some extra cash for the holidays? I know I can! If you answered yes, than this post is sure to help! So far, I started holiday shopping early. I’m proud to say that most of the gifts I’ve got already, I haven’t spent an arm and a leg on. Actually, the first four gifts I bought were Free. Why, because it was money that I’d already spent. 

How to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays!By scanning my receipts from Wal-Mart on the Wal-Mart app under savings catcher, I was able to receive money back. After you scan your receipts, the savings catcher will search for a lower price with surrounding competitors. If they find a lower price then they’ll give you the difference back. You have 7 days from your purchase date to scan your receipt to take advantage of your savings. So far, I’ve made $46.65 in just a few months. Since that was extra money, I used it for Christmas. I searched the Wal-Mart app and found some great deals, over 50% off. Therefore, I was able to buy some great gifts for free.

Ibotta is also an app that you can earn money through your purchases with receipt verification. Before you go shopping you can search the offered stores and find deals on tons of products. Once you find a product that interest you, purchase the product, then provide proof of purchase and you’re able to make money back. The best part is these are actually stores that I shop at, did I mention Amazon is on this list? You can check out my referral code to start making your extra money today!

I’ve also been known to participate in a few studies with Johnson and Johnson. They pay product testers and surveyors if you match the qualifications for their current studies. You may be able to try products before they come out on the market as well. Your opinions matter, and I really enjoyed working with them. Once my study was completed, I received a check in the mail and I was able to keep the remaining products.

Another option to make some extra cash is to get rid of some off your extra belongings. Did you know that you can trade in eligible items on Amazon in exchange for an Amazon gift card? Amazon pays for the shipping and you’ll receive an immediate offer before you ever agree to the transaction. If your item is approved then you’ll receive your gift card. If your item isn’t approved then they’ll ship it back to you at no cost to you.

If you’re the hands-on type then you can clean houses or business offices for some extra cash. You’ll be surprised on how many people need a little extra help around their homes or offices. You can start off by offering your services to family or friends. If that doesn’t work then you can put an ad in your local community.

These are a few tips to help assist in making a little extra cash for the holidays. Do you have something that you like to add? Tell us in the comments below.


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