5 Christmas Traditions the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Holiday traditions are special for every family. Last year I wrote a post Passing Down the Holiday Family Traditions as my children were fairly young and we were just starting our traditions. This year I thought it would be a great time to introduce a few new holiday traditions as my children are at a fun, learning age. These ideas are fun for the whole family and I know we’ll look forward to them every year.

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The Hiding of the Pickle

It wasn’t until this year that I learned about hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree. It’s a fun game that the whole family can participate. The idea of the pickle is that the first person to find the pickle will get to be the first to open a present, or get an extra present.

Elf on The Shelf

I’ve thought long and hard about introducing an Elf on the Shelf to our list of family traditions. This would be new to our family, as neither of our families have ever participated in this tradition. After seeing all the fun Elf photos across the web, I think it would be fun for our family as well. It would also give the boys something to look forward to as they awake in the morning to find the elf and to see what mischief he’s gotten into.

Count Down to Christmas

There is much excitement in counting down the days until Christmas for children and adults. Counting the days is also a great learning activity for your children. This Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar is a wooden, magnetic tree. Perfect, so that your children will never miss a day in their countdown.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

I haven’t been very lenient when it comes to my kiddos helping in the kitchen. Now that their getting a little older, I’ve seen how much they enjoy helping mom. It’s the perfect time to let these boys get their hands a little dirty in icing and sprinkles while enjoying some much-needed bonding time in the kitchen.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

My mother used to read this to me as a child and I want to carry on this tradition with my boys as well. This book is always a perfect read before tucking the children in their beds as they await on Santa’s big arrival. It’s a great holiday book that the whole family will enjoy.

Holiday traditions are something for the family to look forward to every year. They can be passed on from family to family for many years. Pick a tradition that suits your family best, so you’ll always be sure to enjoy the fun, bonding experience within the holiday.


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