All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal

With Thanksgiving cooking behind us, we can finally start planning Christmas dinner and whether you prefer new or traditional recipes, you’ll need some gadgets and kitchen tools. We all want to give our best while preparing a meal and show off our cooking skills, but sometimes it isn’t about having the best ingredients. It would be a total disaster to ruin a family dinner or disappoint your loved ones by serving them a takeout because you didn’t have what you needed to create an Instagram-worthy meal.

All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal
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Be prepared

Although it seems that you shouldn’t spend your time researching cooking, this is something you must do and be sure you do it thoroughly before stepping into the kitchen. The most important thing is to find the right recipes and start from there. Knowing what you want to cook will provide you with the basis and give you answers to various questions, from how long it will take to get everything done to what you’ll need in order to make the cooking possible. Start by making a shopping list and go through it a couple of times so that you don’t find yourself missing an ingredient in the middle of cooking. Search for the variations of recipes you already know and include every tip you could find because even those few drops of oil or a tablespoon of sugar can make a significant difference.

All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Use apps

If you don’t have any experience but still want to cook like a professional chef, finding an app can come in handy. Many famous cooks have their own apps that guide you through some of the traditional meals, as well as encourage you to indulge in something you’ve never thought you might be able to cook on your own. This extra help can include everything from planning a meal and finding the best recipe to getting a wine that’ll go well with your dessert and searching for unusual supplies that might not be within your budget. Don’t be afraid to turn to your smartphone or tablet and seek some additional help on forums where beginners like you ask for advice. Maybe you’ll get some valuable tips and tricks that will give you the best end result.

Use gadgets and appliances

With the extensive need for shortcuts in life, cooking today also requires using all the tools that can save precious time. With this in mind, you should also rely on gadgets that are time-saving, but also enhance the taste of your dishes. Opt for quality Maytag appliances, sturdy baking tools essentials, instant-read thermometer and pans for every stage of cooking. This is a great excuse to buy everything you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find a purpose for. Go big and buy yourself a stand mixer, a new interesting grater or a fondue set that will surprise your guests and easily become the centerpiece of your table.

All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal

What should you make?

While this seems like a very tough nut to crack, with a little bit of planning, it won’t be that hard to create a menu everyone will be talking about. Depending on your theme and guests, you can create a variety of options. Start by focusing on the ambiance that will set the mood for your dinner, and serve your guests an interesting set of cocktails, which will be followed by an appetizer. Just to be sure, create a menu with a variety of choices and pay special attention to

their food preferences and allergies so that you don’t find yourself in an awkward situation while serving dishes.

All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal
Photo Credit: Unsplash

It’s all in the presentation

When you finally finish with cooking, don’t just put everything on a plate and serve it without making an effort to create something your guests won’t be able to stop talking about. You need to make everything look as nice and delicious as it tastes. It’s not necessary to spend too much time layering the food and putting drops of sauces just to recreate a famous chef’s design. Be creative and think of what you’d want to try and what will look tasty so that people can’t wait to try it. It’s known that people start eating with their eyes first and then the sense of taste kicks in.

Every famous chef has a ritual or two that makes them feel comfortable before heading to their station and starting cooking. Find what inspires you and be sure to make room for you to relax in the process to be sure you don’t make a mistake. Pour yourself a glass of wine, make a playlist of your favorite music or simply turn everything off and enjoy the sounds of water boiling, meat sizzling on the grill or a sharp knife cutting through fruit and vegetables.

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10 thoughts on “All the Tools You Need for a Perfect Holiday Meal

  1. This is a great post. I usually host Thanksgiving so I have that down perfectly. This will be my first year also hosting Christmas. I’m excited but a little nervous too. These are great tips.


  2. This is perfect! Sometimes it’s so hard to get organized before holiday cooking, because we are stressed and running around. I’ll have to use this checklist for Christmas!


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