Are We Exploiting Our Children on YouTube?

A huge question arises when deciding to create a YouTube channel for your child or children. The question being are we exploiting our children? If you can answer honestly “No” to this question then you may want to explore all the risks and benefits before you go ahead and create a YouTube channel for your kids.

Are We Exploiting Our Children on YouTube?
Photo Credit: Jelleke Vanooteghem; Splasher

Recently, my husband and I considered the idea of creating a channel for our kids. Sounds pretty crazy right? Well this all started when we realized our children’s love for YouTube. We don’t have a problem with my oldest watching channels such as Blippi, Ryan’s Toy Reviews, and The Axel Show. While my youngest child loves to watch the nursery rhyme shows such as Mother Goose Club, and Little Baby Bum. These channels are children friendly, and educational.

My husband and I explored around with the YouTube video idea a little bit, so I uploaded a video of the boys to my own YouTube channel. As our children watched themselves on TV their eyes lit up and they shouted with excitement.

Are We Exploiting Our Children on YouTube?

If our boys can bring as much excitement to another child as Axel, Blippi, and Ryan have brought to our children then we’re successful. Uploading videos to social media also has the benefit that your videos will always be there. This means that we’ll never lose these videos or accidentally delete them. Which I often seem to do somehow. Our children can always look back on their channel to see what fun memories we shared. Also, we’re sharing with family, friends, and others.

Our big debate was over reasonable questions and concerns that most parents would worry about. Which are safety and privacy. However, the more we pondered on the idea, the more at ease we felt. If anyone in your family has Facebook, or Instagram and post a picture of your child then its on the Internet forever. You can look up anything and everything these days and almost always find what you’re searching for. We’re also living in the age of technology and it’s progressing by the day. However, we’ll always try to take precautionary measures when it comes to our children.

Are We Exploiting Our Children on YouTube?
Photo Credit: Click and Boo; Splasher

My children love to see themselves on YouTube. As of right now, we really don’t see a problem with posting their videos. The videos are learning, educational, playtime, and fun. They are designed for other children to learn and enjoy. Of course, this channel is more restricted as we’re not accepting comments at this time. We‘ll also monitor it closely and do our research often.

If you’re considering  creating a YouTube channel for your child, just make sure that this is something your child wants to do. Ask for their permission to be recorded while advising them that the videos will be made public. If at any time your child isn’t enjoying themselves, you should stop. If your child asks you to discontinue the channel, do so. Depending on the age of your children, you’ll know the signs if they’re not ok with filming.

Our channel can be found at Little T’s Adventures. If you enjoy, please subscribe to watch future videos. Thanks.


10 thoughts on “Are We Exploiting Our Children on YouTube?

  1. I battle with this a lot in general as a parenting blogger because my kids are for, want of a better word, props sometimes. It is a bit of a balancing act but I generally follow their lead as they get older. If they don’t want to have their pics taken I don’t and if they don’t want me to share I don’t.
    There are some cute kids on YouTube who really seem to be enjoying themselves 🙂


  2. I have a youtube channel for my daughter mainly for viewing purposes (to filter out videos). Her videos go to my personal Facebook account. I don’t have really an issue with youtube but it’s just that my family and friends are in FB more than in Youtube. Hihi.


  3. This is such a great post! My LO’s watch kids YouTube kid friendly and older ones I monitor them watching kids playing games. And 2 of my boys like to be on YouTube. It’s fun!


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