Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

Birthday parties have always been a favorite time shared in our home. My husband and I really enjoy decorating the house to match the theme of the party. This past weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating our sons 3rd birthday. This child has a passion for trucks and monster trucks, Grave Digger being one of his favorites. Last year he celebrated with a truck party, so we went with a Grave Digger theme this year.

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Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

We kept the decorations fairly simple this year due to the holidays. As a reminder, no matter what the theme of the party is, you can never go wrong with balloons. You can never have too many balloons or too little. We chose green, purple, and black to match the Grave Digger Theme. Along with purple party streamer to decorate.

Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

I was so excited that I found a Monster Jam Room Decorations Cardboard Stand in for the party as well. It played as the centerpiece of the whole room. The kiddos enjoyed pretending to drive the truck as they posed for photos. The monster truck display is large, and durable. We plan on setting it up in his room after the party for extended use. Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

Its always a great idea to provide food at parties as well. This way your guest won’t be hungry and can enjoy their time celebrating the event. You don’t have to go over the top either, simple is best at children’s parties. We had hot dogs, chili, chips, cake, and ice cream.

Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

Overall, Logan had a great birthday while spending time with his family. His face lite up as soon as the party started. Most of the decorations we could save so he can continue to play with for a while. He was very excited to see Grave Digger at his party. As I’m sure we’ll be having more truck parties in our near future as his love for trucks continues to grow.

Celebrating A Birthday with Grave Digger

If you enjoyed reading about this birthday party please check out last year’s post Children’s Birthday Party Themes.

So please share with us, what are some of your favorite birthday party themes that your child has had?


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