One Goal That Improved My Life and Health

Dedicating myself to New Year’s resolutions has never been one of my strong suits. There’s always several resolutions that I make but halfway through January I’ve given up and already decided that I’d try again next year. This past December I decided that I’d turn my resolutions into goals. Goals would relieve some of the pressure. One goal I wanted to work on was to quit smoking. I’ve smoked cigarettes for almost 14 years, a pack a day, every day.

Smoking was always my stress reliever. My go to when I needed a break and just a bad habit that I couldn’t stop. I’ve tried to quit smoking several times over the coarse of those years but I’d last a day or two and then I would be right back to my habit.

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One Goal That Improved My Life and Health
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Lately though smoking has become more of a burden than an enjoyment. I was consistently taking time away from my kids to run out the back door to smoke. I would get up from morning cuddles, running to get a cigarette in before breakfast. Even when the kids were napping, instead of relaxing or playing catch up around the house, I was too worried about running to smoke a cigarette before they woke up. Not to mention my body aroma was the smell of cigarette smoke and my hair sure didn’t smell like the apple scented conditioner that I’ve just used. I would get out of breath just walking to the mailbox across the street and do you realize how expensive they are? Almost $5.00 a pack, around $35.00 a week.In December I set my goal to quit smoking and decided I would try a new approach this time around. My will power is stronger because I wanted to quit smoking this time, badly! So, I decided to use NicoDerm CQ. The first few days were rough! It was the habit I was trying to break. I noticed myself fidgety and short fused but I fought through it. My house was pretty clean because I would fill up my spare time to divert my attention elsewhere. Anything to try not to focus on cigarettes.

One Goal That Improved My Life and Health

Now that January is half way over I’m excited to say that I’ve made it a month and I’m not dependent on cigarettes. I broke the habit, I finally did it. Sometimes a craving will sneak up on me but I’m still learning ways to keep my mind busy to avoid the temptation. It’s all an uphill climb from here and I strongly feel that this time will be successful.

It’s still not easy, but it’s easier. My health is improving and I overall feel better. I have more energy and I’m not out of breath so easily. I’ve also saved money.

Just remember that goal setting is important because we can always better ourselves and our situations. You have to really want to achieve your goal and focus on completing it. Step out of your comfort zone. Never give up, try again, and again. No matter how many times it takes you. Try different approaches and make sure your mind is set on reaching that goal continuously. Whatever your goal may be, good luck to you, you can do this!


16 thoughts on “One Goal That Improved My Life and Health

  1. Congrats on quitting! I never smoked, but my hubs did. He struggled, too. He quit when our daughter was born (she’s 11 now), but unfortunately started up 2 years later maybe? But quit again when my son was born. That was 7 years ago and he said he sometimes misses it but hasn’t had the urge. Thankful he stuck to it. YOU GOT THIS!!! Great job!!


    1. It’s definitely a struggle. I’m glad your husband has quit again. I think it’s a habit that will linger a lifetime we just have to be strong. Thanks so much for your support! I appreciate it 💛


  2. The idea of changing resolutions to goals makes a difference. Great job overcoming your addiction! Wishing you continued strength in your journey.


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