Dear Husband, Thank You for Being You!

In my home we don’t go all out on Valentines Day.  Reason being is that we try to celebrate our love between one another all year long. We may go out to eat, or buy each other something nice but usually that’s the extent of our celebration.  I also don’t talk a whole lot about my husband on the blog either because our lives are nothing out of the extraordinary. We rarely argue or disagree and we’re usually just maintaining the daily hustle and bustle together. My husband doesn’t follow along with my blog either, only what I read to him or discuss. This Valentine’s Day though I wanted to write a Valentine’s Day Special giving this man the credit he deserves. Whether he reads this now or later, it’ll be here waiting for the day he does.

Dear Husband, Thank You for Being You!

TO My Husband: I don’t always express my feelings but that’s because I assume you already know. Forgive me as I promise to tell you this more often. I’m shouting from the rooftop, thanking you for the man you are. The moment I saw you in the delivery room holding our first-born child is the moment that I realized how blessed I am. Not only are you my biggest supporter, my inspiration, and my encouragement to be better, you’re my kids’ father. For that I’ll be forever thankful. You ‘re the definition of what a Father should be. Always there for our children, Loving, Compassionate, a Protector, Provider, and you kiss boo boo’s just as much as mom.

Dear Husband, thank you for Being You!

You’re a respected man. When you go out of your way to help others you truly show how kind hearted you are. You think of your family before yourself, thank you! Traditional, Well-Mannered, and Respectful of your Elders are just a few other things that make your heart golden. Thank you for being my happiness and showing me the bright side in this life. By your side I know that we can accomplish great things. These past 11 years we have experienced both sides of for better or for worse, but together we can overcome anything.

Thank you For Being YOU!


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