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Enjoy A Cup Of Hot Cocoa with Snowmen Dunking Sticks

Family time is sacred and every moment should be valued and cherished. As the moments quickly pass us by, it’s important that we’re creating fun and enjoyable memories for our kids. As my boys are quickly growing, I'm always thinking of fun new activities that they’ll enjoy. It’s a great bonding experience and overall fun … Continue reading Enjoy A Cup Of Hot Cocoa with Snowmen Dunking Sticks


Bunny Mix Dessert

The warmer weather lately has been such a tease and has me pumped up for spring. Crazy enough today we had snow flurries. Looking on the brighter side, I made this yummy treat for my family to snack on over the weekend. Bunny Mix consists of pretzels, M&M's, peanuts, glazed over with white chocolate. It's … Continue reading Bunny Mix Dessert

  Candy Cane Droplets

This is probably one of the easiest Christmas Candys that you can make. However I can't take the credit for this delicious treat. When I worked in a kitchen about ten years ago, one of my co workers Lora made this treat at Christmas. I loved the recipe so much that I have  made it every year since. All … Continue reading   Candy Cane Droplets

Mothers Sausage Casserole Recipe

This dish is one of my family's favorite. My mother used to make this all the time when I was growing up. I have now passed this dish onto my family. In hopes that one day my children will pass it along. There's several ways that you can make this recipe. I'm sharing with you, the way … Continue reading Mothers Sausage Casserole Recipe