Sensory Bottles for Kids that Glow in the Dark

Today our family had a fun time creating sensory bottles that glow in the dark. These bottles are fun and colorful, sure to holds your child’s attention. They were very simple to make and perfect for daytime and nighttime fun,

What you need:

Jelly Beadz (using the entire bag is not recommend. We used a small amount and had more than required for this project)

2 Empty water bottles

Glow sticks

Super glue

The jelly beadz need to soak in water for 6-8 hours. We soaked our beadz in a large container overnight. So, they were ready to go when we woke up.

Bend, snap, and shake your glow sticks to activate them. Place 1-3 glow sticks in the empty plastic bottle.

Fill each bottle with jelly beadz surrounding the glow sticks. Fill with the beadz until you’ve reached the top of the bottle.

Super glue the cap onto the bottle. We are gluing the bottle cap for safety, we don’t want our kids to have access to the beadz. If your kids are anything like mine than the beadz would go straight to their mouths. We don’t want that!

Take your bottle to a dark room and watch it glow. Your kids will enjoy their bottle and they can use them as a nightlight

This bottle held my little one’s attention for quite a while. He shakes it, spins it, and pushes on the side of the bottle to try to get the beads.

These bottles are a huge hit with my toddler as well. He is fascinated by all the beadz. Now that the bottles glow, he is amazed.

This project is fun and easy! The jelly beadz that we used are non-toxic. You can also add small toys or glitter to your bottles to create more of an effect. We kept ours simple, because simple is always best. Enjoy your Sensory Bottles!!

6 Awesome Movies to Watch with your Mother on Mother’s Day 

My mother is my best friend. So, I try to celebrate Mother’s Day all year long. At least letting her know that I appreciate her but daily phone calls and saying “I Love You” whenever I talk to her. Now raising a family of my own, sometimes it’s hard to make the quality time she deserves. Now that we’re both getting older, I’ve come to realize that quality time is more important than buying a Mother’s Day gift.  

Of course, we all love gifts and especially on Mother’s Day. Now that I’m a mother of two young boys I think Homemade gifts and time well spent are the best gifts a mother can receive. It makes me feel absolutely horrible for the times I dropped off flowers to my mom on Mother’s Day and then left. She deserves my time as I hope my boys will feel this way as they grow older. With two little boys and trying to maintain my home life, my mother works full time as well. Therefore, we are just exhausted. One our free time we both love to sleep. So, trying to think of the best gift that I could give my mother, without both us of taking a nap. I’m pretty sure that I’ve came up with a great idea. 

So, this year I’ve decided to come up with the best movies to watch, with your mother on Mother’s Day. I know my mother will just enjoy being up to relax with her daughter. Hopefully yours will too!! So, grab the popcorn, kick up your feet, and spend the quality time with our mother watching these 7 awesome picks.

Mother’s Day– 2016 Drama film/ Romance

Stepmom 1998 Drama film/ Comedy

Freaky Friday- 2003 Fantasy/ Teen Film

Blindside– 2009 Sport/Drama

Brave– 2012 Fantasy/ Adventure

Troop Beverly Hills- 1989 Adventure/ Comedy of Manners

The list was based upon the strong mom roles each of these women displayed. The importance of their children really shined through in each movie. Exactly the reason that these 6 movies are perfect to watch with the loved woman in your life. Now we want to hear what your favorite movie to watch with your mother is?

Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

I want to start off by saying that every woman that goes through labor is a hero in my book. Labor is hard and painful. If you’ve giving birth then you already know this. I had natural labor with my first son. My water broke at 5:30 am. Within a couple hours the anesthesiologists came to give me an epidural. For some reason, I felt no relief at all. When I started pushing, I couldn’t stop. There were no breaks, this kid had to come out. I just kept pushing and pushing for a solid hour. My body would not let me stop.

After this I don’t remember a whole lot because I felt like I was dying. I do remember repeatedly screaming, cut this kid out of me. My doctor finally said it was time to use the suction because this momma has had enough. My sons head was pushing on my pelvic bone and wasn’t coming out on his own. 

This was truly the most traumatic experience of my life! Labor is joyful for most but that was not my case. Of course, in the end when I held my beautiful baby boy, everything I had just experienced was worth it. I immediately forgot about all the pain. 

6 short months later, I found out that I was pregnant again. With my first labor, still mildly fresh in my mind, I knew that I was not going through it again. At least I hoped not. I was hoping that the baby could be magically born with no labor at all. Back to reality, I feared labor my entire pregnancy. When it was time to talk about labor with my doctor, I immediately asked to have a cesarean delivery. He wanted me to listen to all the risks of the surgery and talk it over with my husband. My husband was very supportive and said the choice was up to me. Whatever I chose, he would support me 100%. The doctor said because my first child was suctioned, that I would be a candidate for a cesarean delivery.

April 5th at 5 am I went to the hospital to have my cesarean. The prep for surgery was pretty intense. While I was being hooked up to the machines, my husband starting getting sick just from watching. I knew he wouldn’t be able to make it through my surgery. He barely made it through my first labor without passing out. He has always had a pretty weak stomach. So, we called my mom to come and be with me. At 8:30 my son was brought into this world.

To have the cesarean was the best choice I had ever made. I would pick a cesarean delivery over natural labor any day! Some would say it’s not natural, and I took the easy way out. However, I say that it was good for me and my baby. It was my choice and in my heart, I know that I still made the right choice. My husband and I don’t plan on having any more children so hopefully we won’t have to worry about future surgery with another child.

The recovery process for my cesarean was not incredibly bad. The first day was very rough, when I had to sit up in the hospital bed to get my baby out of his crib. Now that was pretty painful. After I was able to get up and move around the second day, all was well. I didn’t rest like I should have because I was running after my toddler and caring for my new baby. Thankfully I had no trouble and was able to heal nicely.

No matter what anyone says, the choice is yours if your given the option. Don’t let harsh words from others affect your decision. The baby will come into this world regardless, so make the decision that is best for you and your baby. I just know that I would pick a cesarean delivery over natural labor any day!


The Blogger Recognition Award, Taylor411

Today to my surprise I was nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by Meghna Dixit from Love, Life & The Little One. It warms by heart to know that bloggers are supporting one another.

I started blogging after I became a stay at home mother. Sitting in the house all day, only talking to your kids can put a damper on your social interaction. I started Taylor411 to offer advice to parents and connect with others through my blog and social media.

Blogging has been an amazing adventure. I’ve met so many inspiring and interesting people. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some really great companies. Blogging is very time consuming and there is a lot of work that’s involved. Writing content is just the beginning. Advertising your blog and keeping up with your social media platforms seems to take up the most time. However, my followers make it all worth while. You all are truly amazing. I’ve learned from you just as much as you learn from me.

Blogging has become a big part of my life. It is my job! I don’t get paid as much as a regularly 40- hour work week but I enjoy it. I hope to continue this journey for a long time and continue meeting awesome people like you!

My advice to new bloggers:

Always remember why you started blogging in the first place. Blogging can easily get overwhelming at times. Its very time consuming and takes a lot of hard work. At times, I’ve wanted to give up, but then I remember why I started blogging in the first place. Don’t let the work take the fun out of your blog. Enjoy it and work at your own pace.

Don’t be easily influenced. There’s many times that I’ve wanted to change my niche just from reading other post. I want to post about a popular topic at the time. However, I always remember, that’s not me. I want to post about what I believe in and enjoy! Stick to what suits you, not others.

Thank you Meghna Dixit for nominating me for this wonderful award. I now nominate:

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Many of these blogs were around, way before I started blogging. They’ve been an inspiration to me and Taylor411. These ladies have always offered advice and help. Not to mention they always have amazing content and the best articles. You all truly deserve the Mom Blogger Recognition Award. Always remember that all your work is appreciated! Thanks for all you continue to do!

Rules of participating in Blogger Recognition Award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

6 Outdoor Games for the Family to Enjoy Together

Yesterday my family joined together to celebrate Easter. Joining together on the holidays and birthdays is very common for us. My mother, sister in law, and I usually take turns hosting the event. So far, they’ve always been a huge success. With so many new grand children being welcomed into the family, our family is expanding fast. So, it’s very important that we always celebrate an event that is kid friendly.

Now that the weather is finally warm, we hope to host some outdoor events soon. Tonight, I gathered some fun, exciting outdoor games from around the web. These games are both adult and child friendly. I hope your family and mine will enjoy them.

Photo Credit: Learning and Exploring Through Play

Giant Bubble Recipe– Learning and Exploring Through Play shares her Giant Bubble Recipe. Bubbles are always a fun game for children, and adults. Who doesn’t love bubbles?

Water Balloon Toss– Water balloons are always great for warmer weather. A Girl and a Glue Gun shares a really fun idea on Water Balloon Toss.

Photo Credit: Mission to Save

Pool Noodle Ring Toss- Mission to Save shares an awesome game that looks fun for the whole family. Pool Noodle Ring Toss is a game you must try with the family.

Squirt Gun Races Obstacle Course– This Grandma is Fun puts a new twist on squirt guns and plastic cups. Squirt Gun Races Obstacle Course is an exciting game to get everyone involved.

Photo Credit: Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Bean Bag Toss– Mod Podge Rocks shares an exciting game of DIY Bean Bag Toss. The supplies are easy to make. Meanwhile your whole family will enjoy this game.

Fill the Bucket Outdoor Water Game– The Resourceful Mama has a wonderful Fill the Bucket Outdoor Water Game. I know the game would be a huge hit on those hot summer days.

Whether you are having a huge family get together, or you just want to have fun with your children outside. These games are perfect to bring fun and excitement. All of these games are sure to get your family interacting together as well. Have fun with one another and enjoy each one another’s company.


10 Important Things that Adults Can Learn From Kids

Not only do we teach our children but everyday we can learn from them as well. Today’s guest blogger, Suzy Richards from shares 10 important things that adults can learn from kids.

At our adult stage in life, we tend to focus so much on the things revolving around us. We forget about the easiest things life offers and we forget how to experience life to the fullest. We lose the easiness of letting ourselves go and living each moment happily. Our perspective about life is very serious with each activity aimed to yield an outcome. Whereas kids have a distinct perspective that allows them to live by the day, experiencing everything yet leaving us with questions as to why they are always so joyful.

 Be positive

For a kid, everything about life is always from a positive perspective. Regardless of the hard times or troubles these little angels have optimism beyond compare. Unlike us adults, we are so pessimistic about life to the point of choosing to accept that life isn’t fair as many adults say. It wouldn’t hurt to be positive about the times we have and the experiences we undergo. Kids are a clear lesson that no matter the circumstances we don’t need to stress. We just need an optimistic view about life.

Smile and laugh

Over time we tend to lose the joy and happiness within us. But for kids, they laugh and smile every chance they get. That humorous side kids have is neither paid for nor forced. Unlike for adults who have to pay for comedy shows in order to enjoy a very natural reflex that is just inborn.

Open yourself to experiences

It is amazing how for kids it’s just easy to reach out to the things that make them happy. They always follow their hearts despite of the discrimination or differentiation that it may come with. As far they are happy, they will do it. For grownups whether rolling in the mud or swinging makes us happy we will tend to hold ourselves from letting it go and just going for it. This limits us from experiencing the highest level of being happy. They teach us that it’s neither embarrassing nor shameful to pick out the things that make us happy and simply enjoying them.

Photo By: Brandon Morgan, Splasher

Be in touch with emotions

 When a kid is happy he or she will smile, when sad there’s a frown, when hurt there’s a cry. They are so in touch with their emotions that they feel and experience each one of them with depth and intensity. Selfishly as adults, we don’t have that magical touch of feeling each emotion and its wave of intensity. It’s beautiful to experience our feelings without restriction or thinking about what others think of it. For example, when a kid writes some birthday quotes for his or her mother he or she shares the deep love between both of them. Unlike most adults who barely can wish their moms a happy birthday let alone remember when her birthday is.

Be open-minded

As grownups, a tendency of closing up to what we really think of things becomes a part of us that is very selfish and inconsiderate. It’s a learning experience from kids that everyone’s opinion matters and is greatly significant to be heard instead of having a hypocritical side due to our competitive nature. A kid will be outright that she doesn’t like an outfit in case you ask. But if you ask somebody else they will rather lie to you instead of being open about it. Open-mindedness creates an open field for critique and honesty hence avoiding unnecessary conflicts and exaggeration of very small arguments erupting to very hurtful situations.

Photo By: Justin Young, Splasher

Appreciate the smallest gifts of life

 Kids cherish each and every thing that life offers regardless of how minuet it is. May it be an ant or the tiniest speck of dust? They possess a perspective of making it fun and making memories with it despite their so thought insignificance to the adult world. No matter how small any experience is to us as adults for them it means another wondrous happy experience that they deeply cherish without any judgment. It would be a happier world if we would at least try to appreciate the tiniest of things that life bestows in our lives.

Take everything life offers with ease

The seriousness of life comes with mainly a focus on the unfairness, inhuman, and a significant weight on how hard life is. With everyday activities, we tend to be stressed out and at times depressed with life. Yet for kids life for them is easy because they don’t place too much worth on the worldly issues. This helps them learn what life is about, but after all, they followed their hearts and lived the moment. Parents can learn to be easy with life in order to create an arena of experiencing life without strain or vulnerability to stress and depression.

Be healthy and hygienic

It may come as a surprise to many that kids are able to give their bodies what it needs without placing priorities to other things. When a kid wants to eat he or she will eat, if it’s time for bed they sleep and on time. They do not restrict themselves when it comes to basic care. We can learn from them instead of working ourselves to sleep or choosing to eat unbalanced diets. It’s an important learning platform to try and have enough sleep by preferably sleeping with your kid and enjoy the benefits of being well rested.

Photo By: Gabby Orcutt, Splasher

Have unlimited dreams

 There’s a distinction in the levels and the ideas each person has. Kids are big dreamers and they follow their dreams with passion and will. Whether it’s our imagination or a daydream it expounds and tests our limits. For kids whether it is achieved or not doesn’t matter as far they dream and imagine how much impact they would have made. If as adults we would try to dream despite the outcome we would have a very rich idealized world.

Take pride in your achievements

Despite life’s hardships, each one has something to take pride in. There is an achievement to every person’s name despite the lack of recognition from those around you. Personally, you know that you have actualized something very significant. Nevertheless, we tend to overlook our efforts and struggles for these works to come to achievement. Kids take pride in their smallest achievements regardless of whether personal or given a hand. Whether a kid graduated from kindergarten or carried plates to the dining table, they own up and pride themselves for that as an achievement. This motivates self-esteem and growth unlike for adults who barely take pride for their achievements.

Conclusively it’s very clear that as adults we can learn a lot from kids in the way we embrace life. Kids effortlessly live their lives to the fullest with ease, grace and are so much in tune with the world and what it offers. This is a life lesson that just needs observation and emulation.

10 Important Things that Adults Can Learn from KidsBio: Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site

For the Parent Who Has Zero Time for Self-Care


Self-care seems to be a popular topic these days. That’s because people are realizing the importance of self-care. What about the parent who has absolutely zero time for self-care? Well that was me a month ago. I truly thought that I had zero time in my schedule for myself. With caring for my children, husband, household, and my business; I had no time to spare. 

That is until I started getting burnt out. I simply started losing joy for simple things in life. I started losing inspiration and motivation for my business. Which was out of the ordinary for me. This is when I came to realize that I needed to make a change. I absolutely love self-care with my family but everyone needs a little time alone.

If you consistently try so get everything accomplished in one day, then you will never have time for self-care. This is where prioritizing is important. I feel that my sanity is more important than a few dishes in the sink. I can put off a load of laundry because it’s not like that pile will ever decrease anyways. I have also faced reality and I know my house will never look perfect. I’m perfectly ok with that too! I know caring for myself is more important than a spotless house.

So now that I have a little time to spare I started tending to my rose bushes in my flower bed. It brings me great pleasure to grow roses. Then I will pick them throughout the summer for fresh bouquets to place around our home. I also started tanning because I’m pale as a ghost and I find tanning very relaxing. It’s 20 minutes that I can sneak off and take a nap, or just enjoy peace in quiet.

Photo Credit: Juja Han, Splasher

As a mother, I know when you do find the few moments to yourself that you don’t have time to do a whole lot. So, what can you do? Here’s a few suggestions on where you can start.

Read a short book or magazine. When you get a minute to yourself, most likely you want to rest. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting in the sun or lying in bed, relaxing to a good story. You can also read as your time allows, then return to the book when you have more free time.

Plant flowers around your home. Plants bring a calm and relaxing feeling. Plant seeds, care for them, and watch your beautiful flowers emerge. Then you can create fresh flower bouquets for your household. You will be getting fresh air and hopefully a little bit of sunshine.

Take a bubble bath. Nothing says relaxation than a tub of warm water and full of bubbles. Whether you get 5 minutes to relax in the tub or a half an hour, enjoy it. I usually take my phone along and listen to some classic rock while I relax in the tub.

Watch your favorite show. I never watch television because I hardly ever have time. Also, the television seems to always be on the cartoon channel. This past weekend I jumped in bed and went on a Netflix binge. It was a nice change to relax and be lazy for a bit. I’m thankful my husband gave me the time to do this.

Start a craft project. Crafting is my go to when I need to relax. When my oldest son was born, I embroidered him his own baby blanket. I’m now working on one for my youngest. It’s been a long work in progress because I don’t have the time that I once did. However, it’s so relaxing to sit down and do embroidery. Find a craft that fits you, this way you will enjoy.

There’s many thing that one can do to enjoy self-care. Whether you have ten minutes or an hour. Self-care is very important. Don’t wait until you get burnt out like I did. Start now even if it’s only a few moments a day. Your body, mind, and all those around you will appreciate it.