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Homemade Face Paint Recipe and Color Chart

Face paint can be a fun, easy way to play dress up at home or use in costume in a school play. However, a lot of the time, it can be toxic to the skin and may leave marks the next day. That's why Personal Creations created a homemade face paint recipe that contains non-toxic … Continue reading Homemade Face Paint Recipe and Color Chart


DIY Easter Photoshoot at Home 

I started a tradition of getting Easter photos done every year of my children. This way I know I will have at least one photo of both my kiddos. Back in December I mentioned about doing all of our family photos at home until the boys get older. The main reason being because they hate … Continue reading DIY Easter Photoshoot at Home 

DIY Children’s Playhouse Makeover

This week while browsing my local resale shop, I came across this beauty. The store has a Facebook page, so I get to shop from home. Of course, the playhouse looks a little rough around the edges but I knew it had potential. The best thing about this playhouse is that the price tag was … Continue reading DIY Children’s Playhouse Makeover

Teaching Colors, Counting, and Shapes with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

My toddler is 2 years old, and learning is his passion. He amazes me everyday. His love for learning always inspires me to teach him more. Logan loves to count past ten and names all of the colors and shapes. Tonight's crafts were right up his alley. He loved the St. Patrick's Day theme. These crafts made learning fun. I enjoyed them just … Continue reading Teaching Colors, Counting, and Shapes with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

DIY Tie Dye Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate 50 years of a fabulous life than a Tie Dye Party?? When you're born in the 60's than its more fun to celebrate the 60's. This weekend the family threw a tie dye birthday party for a wonderful woman, my mother in law. She's a happy, kind hearted woman and she loves … Continue reading DIY Tie Dye Birthday Party