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Taylor411 was established with hopes to inspire parents in their parenting journey. This blog is full of information; from assistance in home life, motherhood advice, and parenting advice. You can read more on our About Us Page.


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Informational blog post start out at 300 words, related to the topic or product of your choice. I will include 2 pictures of the product within the post. When the post is completed, I’ll advertise on all of Taylor411’s social media sites. Which include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

All pricing is negotiable, please email me for a suggested pricing guide based off Social Blue book.


Taylor411 does reviews. Ship us your product and we’ll be happy to review, post, and advertise your product for you! We do ask that along with a review, that we’re able to provide a giveaway to our followers as well. However, giveaways are not required, only preferred. The company is responsible for shipping the product to the winner at the end of the giveaway.

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Taylor411’s Media Kit is available upon request. Feel free to contact me at for any questions or concerns. I’ll make sure to promote your product or business to the best of my ability. I look forward to working with you!

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